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The Jakarta Institute Of The Arts Website for Research Innovation and Community Development will from now on under New Management will upload News in English in combination to News in Bahasa Indonesia enabling to Reach a larger Audience of Readers.. 


For More Than Fifty Years, The Jakarta Institute For The Arts  known as Institut Kesenian Jakarta or IKJ, has given birth to Artists and Professional Creative Workers who all endeavor to promote, advance and contribute to the progression of the Arts and Culture ecosystem in Indonesia and the  Movement for National Creative Economies and to animate, thus embellish the Diversity of International Cultures.


The Vision of IKJ


The Vision of IKJ is to Become a Higher Education for the Arts Dignifying The Urban Arts Scene and Cultural Industries able to Compete on a National and Global Level in Reaching The Mile Stones of 2045


Mission Statement


  1. To Carry Out The Tri Dharma or The Three Responsibilities of Higher Education Academia dedicated to The Progress and Quality  of The Arts, Science and Knowledge, Technology for the Prosperity of Society
  2. To generate Graduates who are independent, and able to Compete in a National and Global level
  3. To Create and Develop Artistic Works in the Urban Sphere and Cultural Industry for The Prosperity of The Nations Peoples.





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